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A Dog Core is an item that is left behind when the body of a deceased Wobbledog is consumed by other dogs. It can be put away and is stored in dog storage.


Dog Cores are a shiny orb with an orange-pink gradient patterned with small dots and squiggles. When cracked open, the core produces a orange puddle and is split neatly in half with a stringy red-orange interior.


Clicking "Memorialize" on a Dog Core will create a Memorial for the dog it once belonged to. Doing so will complete the Goal "I'll Always Remember You" and unlock the Spooky Food Dispenser. Memorials are required for Ghosts to spawn.

Dog Cores can also be cracked open and fed to a Wobbledog to allow it to survive past the set age limit. The dog will gain a flora named Bacillus Vitus and have an extended lifetime of different amounts depending on the quality of the dog core. Wobbledogs that have consumed a Dog Core will become Ancient once they pass the age limit. See the Life Cycle section for more info on the Ancient stage.


Dog cores have different qualities according to the nature and time of the dog's death. Early deaths due to neglect will produce a 'Low' quality core, while a dog who lived its full life expectancy will leave behind a 'High' quality core. There is also a 'Standard' quality core for the middle ground.

When fed to a Wobbledog, Cores will each extend the dog's lifespan by 150 (low), 300 (standard) and 1200 (high) seconds each, up to a cumulative limit of 10800 seconds (3 hours).


  • Dog Cores used to be put into toy storage when put away (rather than dog storage).
  • It is unknown what a Dog Core actually does inside a Wobbledog's body, but it is likely that it is affected by or develops the mutations.
  • Cores can also be obtained by saving, exiting, and loading back into the game if the body of one or more Wobbledogs is present in game.