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Flora are little things in your dogs' guts that determine how they will change when pupating. Different foods give different flora. Wobbledogs pass their gut flora on to their offspring through breeding. There are currently 37 flora in the game.


Flora 03.png

Description "An artificially engineered flora that aims to encourage dog growth."
Occurrences Chip, Nutritional Pellet
Effects Long Legs, Orange Coloration

Bacillus Vitus[]

Flora 002.png

Description "A sun-faded flora that looks like it's falling apart from age."
Occurrences Inherited from Ancient Dogs
Effects Desaturated Colors

This unique flora is created by having a dog live past the set lifespan after eating a cracked dog core. An ancient dog will gain this flora over time, after which in can be inherited through breeding or eating the body parts of an ancient dog.

Bacto Bacto[]

Flora 24.png
Description "Double the flora, double the fun."
Occurrences Apple Slice, Cut Fruit, Candied Apple, Decorative Corn
Effects Narrow Stance, Intense Pattern


Description "Dense, dried, and fortified."
Occurrences Baby Tooth
Effects White Coloration, Glossy Sheen, Big

Canem Labo[]

Flora 11.png
Description "A flora unique to the Wobbledog species."
Occurrences Body Parts
Effects Random Mutations

Cani Hyphacamphi[]

Flora 07.png
Description "An unassuming flora with much to prove."
Occurrences Corndog, Churro
Effects Yellow Pattern, Brown Body, Long Body

Caseus Bacto[]

Flora 13.png
Description "Really wanna chomp down on this thing."
Occurrences Chip, Lunar Pie
Effects Long Snout, Short Ears, Tiny Horns

Caudi Caudi[]

Flora 14.png
Description "Due to its snakelike appearance, some scientists report an unnatural fear of this flora."
Occurrences Garlic Bread, Pancake
Effects Big Tail


Description "A tangled mess, but try not to judge."
Occurrences Churro
Effects White Pattern, Intense Pattern, Big Horns

Clisotrium Latriphilus[]

Flora 04.png
Description "A beneficial flora often used to help acclimate dogs to cold weather climates."
Occurrences Burrito, Coconut, Mochi Ball
Effects Thick Body, Short Legs


Flora 15.png
Description "Sort of hard to pronounce, but that's not really its fault."
Occurrences Coconut, Lunar Pie, Decorative Corn, Pumpkin Pie
Effects Inverted Snout, Wide Stance


Description "Clumpy, but in a charming way.
Occurrences Fortune Cookie
Effects Short Snout, Big Wings


Flora 10.png
Description "A flora found in cocoon drippings."
Occurrences Dud Egg, Empty Cocoon
Effects Random Mutations, Leg Number

In addition to its normal effects, Crysilia can merge with other gut flora to create plus versions (green recolors) of said flora, which have a greater influence on a dog's mutations.

Candida Neutralia[]

Flora 00.png
Description "A standard flora found in nearly all dog-based lifeforms."
Occurrences Default and imported dogs
Effects Default Coloring


Flora 09.png
Description "Seriously, it's just dirt."
Occurrences Dirt Clump
Effects Brown Coloration


Flora 05.png
Description "A cluster of goopy organisms that honestly looks kind of gross."
Occurrences Ham Slider, Moon Cheese
Effects Ham-like Body, Droopy Face


Flora 22.png
Description "It might hurt to step on this flora if it wasn't so small."
Occurrences Dehydrated Treat, Moon Cheese, Pizza Tube
Effects Skinny Legs, Thin Body, Tiny Tail


Description "An intimidating flora from beyond the pale."
Occurrences Ectoplasm
Effects Random Mutations, Black Body, White Legs


Flora 21.png
Description "Vaguely paw-shaped. I think it's nice."
Occurrences Candied Apple
Effects Narrow Stance, Metallic Sheen


Description "Simple, straightforward, and beloved.
Occurrences Birthday Cake Slice
Effects Wide Body, Pink Legs, Big Head

Lucium Coli[]

Flora 20.png
Description "An incredible flora that spreads its charm wherever it goes."
Occurrences Alien Fruit
Effects Thick Legs, Glossy Sheen


Flora 12.png
Description "I sense great things from this humble flora."
Occurrences Lasagna, Pizza Bagel, Onion Ring
Effects Big


Description "An unimpressive flora that's hard to recommend.
Occurrences Mochi Ball
Effects Light Green Legs, Green Body, Dark Green Pattern

Nasus Enterica[]

Flora 23.png
Description "Lots of different shapes going on in here."
Occurrences Garlic Bread, Pizza Bagel, Garlic Bulb
Effects Big Nose


Flora 16.png
Description "A sensible flora with a pleasing palette."
Occurrences Cut Fruit, Onion Ring, Gourd
Effects Short Body, Yellow Coloration, Tiny Wings

Perdictus Coli[]

Perdictus Coli.png
Description "Dangerous looking..."
Occurrences Burnt Dog Biscuits
Effects N/A

Perdictus Coli is able to destroy a Wobbledog's gut flora by bumping into them in the dog's guts. It can also destroy other Perdictus Coli.


Flora 08.png
Description "Crystallized flora with a mysterious past."
Occurrences Ants on a Log, Chicken Nugget, Deviled Egg, Mochi Ball
Effects Little


Flora 06.png
Description "A branch-like flora that incidentally mirrors the foods that contain it."
Occurrences French Fry, Ants on a Log
Effects Thin Body, Long Body

Planum Mirabilis[]

Flora 25.png
Description "Looks like a bunch of worms."
Occurrences Pancake, Moon Cheese
Effects Flat Body

Proteus Incognia[]

Flora 19.png
Description "Aw, who's this lil' guy?"
Occurrences Alien Fruit
Effects Long Ears, Tiny Nose, Green Coloration, Purple Body, Orange Nose & Ears

Proteus Incognia has the most effects of any single flora currently in the game.


Flora 18.png
Description "Innovative, but practical and reserved."
Occurrences Pizza Tube
Effects Tall Body, Short Snout, Matte Finish


Flora 01.png
Description "This flora is a healthy addition to any canine gut."
Occurrences Banana
Effects Long Legs, Long Body


Flora 17.png
Description "A tidy flora with an honest sensibility."
Occurrences Honeycomb
Effects Yellow Body, Black Pattern


Flora 02.png
Description "Commonly found in waste, this flora is unhelpful and potentially dangerous."
Occurrences Half-Eaten Food, Poop, Dud Egg
Effects Random Mutations

In addition to its normal effects, Scaph may cause Wobbledogs to lay Dud Eggs.


Description "Evocative and cute."
Occurrences Doughnut
Effects Flat Body, Tiny Head


Description "Self-contained easy to appreciate."
Occurrences Macaron
Effects Blue Legs, Blue Nose/Ears, White Body, White Pattern


Description "A firm and malleable flora."
Occurrences Gelatin Mold
Effects Green Coloration, Glossy Sheen